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Zone Chair Of The Year Award

The Zone Chairperson of the Year Award, formerly known as the Zone Chairperson Efficiency Award, is awarded annually at the Multiple District convention to the person who best performed the duties of Zone Chair during the previous fiscal year. The contest has been conducted as a single category in years past, and is currently awarded to Zone Chairs with 8 or fewer clubs and to Zone Chairs with more than 8 clubs. Click here to download the official rules.

1986 To Present (Two Categories)

Year Under 9 Clubs Zone More Than 8 Clubs Zone
2019 Sharon Hansen A-2 Helen Sutfin G-2
2018 Harvey Unruh H-1 Ping Mah A-1
2017 Jim Lamb C-3 Cec Specht I-5
2016 Stephen Kirkham D-9 Bob Johnson C-3
2015 Bonnie Manning C-1 Annie Lau A-1
2014 Steve Muenz D-7 Elaine Luk A-1
2013 Linda Schaffrick D-9 Lynn Peretti B-5
2012 Leif Bengtsson D-7 Teresina Lau A-1
2011 Mike Takahashi D-1 John Kohlmann H-7
2010 Mike Takahashi D-1 Pat Taylor C-3
2009 Steve Brooks B-6 Andi Lanxon C-3
2008 Donna McMillan B-5 Charles Russell C-3
2007 Mitzi Ludwig C-6 Gloria Lee H-4
2006 Roberta Pinson C-6 Janet Rinehart B-5
2005 Karl Ostheller C-4 Nathalie Fuentes B-5
2004 John Martin G-3 Garry Lutz H-7
2003 Sharon Hansen A-2 Richard Simonson H-5
2002 Bob Ekler E-11 Walter Freshwater H-1
2001 Bob Ferger F-6 Paul Hand H-3
2000 Ray Tremblay H-3 Richard Simonson H-5
1999 E. Dennis Reed C-6 Judy Tocher H-3
1998 Rosemary Richert B-4 Marge Stone C-4
1997 Bob Wotten C-2 Don Graham I-2
1996 Grace L. Gius C-6 Carl J. Freeland C-4
1995 Don Lockwood C-3 John Wilson I-2
1994 Polly Voon A-7 Anne Huntley A-1
1993 James E. Mccown C-7 Ruth R. Roberts H-4
1992 Frank Powers C-3 Leroy Carlaw H-4
1991 Ben J. Warnders D-8 Ron E. Wooten C-4
1990 Richard Matzen C-6 0. Jim Reinecke G-1
1989 Ron Spears D-7 George Triplett I-2
1988 Van Gabriel C-3 Joe Weber H-2
1987 Jim Lipsey C-5 Brian Panush G-4
1986 Richard D. Bryan C-5 L.H. Mike Michalson A-1

1952 To 1986 (Single Category)

Year Recipient Club
1985 Kerry G. Mulhall West Vancouver Lions Club
1984 Thomas A. Nordstrom Capilano Lions Club
1983 Dave Bartlett Spanaway Lions Club
1982 Harold Lovingood Tacoma Lincoln Lions Club
1981 Robert Brown Parksville Lions Club
1980 William Friend Clearbrook Lions Club
1979 Jim Fouty East Wenatchee Eastmont Lions Club
1978 Clem Such Victoria Central Lions Club
1977 Marvin Boyer North Delta Lions Club
1976 Dennis Gudbranson Bellingham Central Lions Club
1975 William Shepherd West Valley Lions Club
1974 R. William Wilbert Gig Harbor Lions Club
1974 N.L. Rocky Stone Bremerton Central Lions Club
1973 C.T. Purdom West Valley Lions Club
1973 Chuck Plank Orofino Lions Club
1972 Whitney Miller College Place Lions Club
1972 Garey Ham Mount Seymour Lions Club
1971 Art Rye Kamioops North Lions Club
1970 John Stevens Elma Lions Club
1969 Dick Hunt Tacoma Downtown Lions Club
1969 John Carlo Comox Valley Lions Club
1968 Bill Biggam Moscow Lions Club
1967 Walter Bebich Aberdeen Lions Club
1966 Cliff Halfhill Lakewood First Lions Club
1965 Earl Eddy Mount Vernon Lions Club
1964 Merle lsaminger Seattle Wedgewood Lions Club
1963 Neil Klenz Cosmopolis Lions Club
1962 Jack VanDerbeek Aberdeen Lions Club
1962 Orly Sorrel Seattle Capitol Hill Lions Club
1961 George Forsyth Seattle University Lions Club
1960 Jack R. Cissna Federal Way Lions Club
1959 Wesley Wolther Abbotsford Lions Club
1959 Howard Grimm Olympia Host Lions Club
1958 Cecil Griffith Spokane-Central Lions Club
1957 A.J. Strom Toppenish Lions Club
1956 Nels Beaton Vancouver East Lions Club
1955 Lou Valentine Mount Vernon Lions Club
1954 Roger Stephenson Bonners Ferry Lions Club
1953 Vern Carstens Rearden Lions Club
1952 Leo Kite Aberdeen Lions Club